Architectural designs of Ace Ajanta, inspired by the Buddha Dharma

The Ancient Origin Of Ajanta

The magnificent Ajanta caves are famous for their beautiful Buddhist cave paintings. Being the home of the Buddhist monks and students, the art inspired them to live according to the higher principles of life such as compassion, integrity, and strength of character.

Ace Ajanta hopes to be a modern version of this timeless way of living a richer, more meaningful life.


Architectural designs of Ace Ajanta, inspired by the Buddha Dharma

The Modern Design of Ajanta

From the grand entrance decorated by original artwork, to the unique buildings with a fusion of traditional and modern architecture, Ace Ajanta will be a unique local landmark from the day it is built.

It signifies beauty of ordinary classical design in extraordinary modern ways. Every element imbibed in Ajanta’s buildings speaks modernity in tradition.

Ajanta around you

Philosophy of Ajanta Around You

At Ajanta, we believe that buddhist and ajanta cave elements’ inspire our minds, uplift our spirits, and makes life more exquisite. Below are some of the classical elements that help you attain the higher principles of life while experiencing the beauty of ajanta.

Self-Reflection through your daily walk

Ajanta’s walkways are dotted with natural stone water-wells, it's green lawns adorned with tasteful metal and stone fusion sculptures, and walls decked with traditional paintings and murals that speak stories about the principles of life.

Navigating the twists & turns of life

Many of us get our best ideas when we are on a drive, in a bath, or during a walk since the subconscious brain is activated while performing activities. Walking the mind maze is a way to quiet the mind, recover balance and encourage self-realization and insight.

Shield the inner negative thoughts

Ajanta will have an imposing Hamsa Hand wall mural, a traditional symbol of protection, happiness, luck, good health, and good fortune. The eye of the hamsa protects people from negative energies in life.

Conversation with your inner self

A silent mind, it is said, is a peaceful mind. Ajanta has several spaces for inner reflection, but the best of them is an elegant circular meditation space situated in a quiet corner of the project that gives you the heightened ability to excel at your true life purpose.

Bringing nature closer to your lap

Ace Ajanta is located right next to the Geological Survey of India and facing the National Reserve Forest, ensuring that your home will be surrounded by greenery. It is the perfect way to reclaim the intangible healthier ways of living next to the timeless beauty of the reserve forest


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