About Us

Ace Ventures India Pvt. Ltd was established in 2007 as a Real Estate Development Company. It has rapidly gained a reputation for developing spaces that are well known for their unique designs and excellent construction. At Ace Ventures, we go the extra mile to design and construct spaces which allow people to improve their lifestyles.

It is this intention that brings together our excellent team of architects and engineers to create homes and workspaces which display a balance of traditional values and modern advancements, thus adding immense value to life.

Our Values

Our work is driven by two simple values considering our projects are centered around people's lives:

  1. Our work must satisfy us creatively - Not only should our designs provide aesthetic pleasure, but they should also be functional for efficiency and comfort in a busy household.

  2. Build with efficiency - Our buildings should be built with top quality construction materials to make structures which look and function well for a longer time at a lower cost of maintenance.

Uncompromisingly, we build properties which provide long-term value to the buyers like pride of ownership, longevity, value appreciation and lower costs of ownership.


Srikanth Makkapati


Mr. Srikanth Makkapati is the founder of Ace Ventures India Pvt. Ltd. He started his journey in the Construction Industry in 1993. Since then he has delivered finely constructed homes to hundreds of satisfied residents.


Smt. M Purnima


Mrs. Purnima has a background in architecture and brings the academic and practical expertise of Architectural Design and Planning of Ace's projects.